Cloud CRM System

CRM Becomes A Mandatory System For Any Business Model. It Is A Powerful Tool To Manage Everything Related To Customers And Business Transactions.

Increase Your Revenue

The CRM system gives a full picture of the business, helping the management make decisions to increase sales based on real data analysis.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Automating communication with customers, and enhancing the complaint handing process will positively affect customer satisfaction, increasing customer loyalty.

Effective Internal Communication

The CRM system is helping in maintaining smooth communication between the internal department by automating the internal workflows..

Faster Deal Closing

Organizing the leads, opportunities, and quotations will help create a quicker reply and more efficient follow-up, resulting in a faster sales process.



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Customers Database

  • Customer’s Database Including All Information With Easy Navigation. 
  • Sending Direct E-Mails to Customers. 
  • Automating Follow-Up E-Mails

Leads & Opportunities

  • Increase The Sales With Powerful Lead & Opportunities Management. 
  • Integrate Leads Module With Company's Website.
  • Automatically Assign Leads to Sales Based on Predefined Criteria.

Quotations & Sales Orders

  • Monitor All Submitted Quotations And Transform It Into Sales Orders. 
  • Follow-Up Automation Via E-Mails & SMS. 
  • Easily Export Quotations & Sales Orders to PDF.

Invoices & Collection

  • Monitor Invoices & Collection To Maintain Your Cash Flow.
  • Automatically Generate Recurring Invoices.
  • Automatically Send Invoice OR Receipt Via E-Mail.


Support Tickets

  • Easy Complaint & Support Handling Using A Robust Help Desk System. 
  • Increase Customer Satisfaction With A Faster Response To Complaints. 
  • Sending Updates To Customers Via SMS or E-Mail.

Customer Portal

  • Customer Could Create And View Support Tickets; They Can See Some Updates Based On The CRM System Configuration.
  • Customers Could Share PDF or IMGS Easily Using The Customer Portal.

Auto Ticket Rotation

  • Ticket Could Automatically Routed Based On Support Group.

SMS and E-Mail Notifications

  • Send Automated Notification Based On Ticket Status


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Dentists Clinics

Lawyer Services

Cars Services Shops

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